Alexandre Tritz
(Founder and Craftman)

Who am I?

My name is Alexandre Tritz, I am 22. Born and raised in Martinique (Caribbean), I live in France now.

I first started leatherwork in 2016 with my uncle, Jean-José Tritz. I have always been fascinated by his work, knife making and about how he makes his leather knife sheaths. He taught me everything I know from cutting to hand stitching.

Why handcrafted?

I love the fact that I could be the only one to own something, the fact that nobody on earth could buy or make the exact same thing that I did. This is the experience I want to offer you. I want to provide you a product that will be unique, that doesn’t look like the previous I made and that will not look like the next I will make. All the products I make are hand cut and hand stitched.

What materials do I use?

A leather product constantly evolves during his life because leather is a living material. I use only the finest materials out there to ensure your leather good will become a good friend for life. If you take care of it, it will develop patina and character.

I use:
– Finest classic and exotic leathers.
– Lin câblé thread.
– Solid brass and sterling silver hardware.
– 22 carats gold and sterling silver for logo stamping and engraving letters.